D05 | Visual Computing for ERP-based Brain Activity

Jun.- Prof. Benedikt Ehinger, University of Stuttgart
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Project D05: Benedikt Ehinger

Jun.- Prof. Sven Mayer, LMU Munich
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Vladimir Mikheev, University of Stuttgart Email | Website

In this project we investigate how brain potentials (EEG/ERPs) can be visualized in a modern, dynamic setting. We want to understand how researchers explore and visualize their data, how we can support this process using open, interactive, and fast visualization tools, and finally benchmark different approaches against eachother.

Research Questions

What are the requirements for a successful EEG exploration tool?

How could a practical implementation of this approach look like?

How successful are different aspects of EEG exploration tools?

Fig. 1: State of the art on regression based EEG visualization.

Fig. 2: Four examples on common techniques to slice the multi-dimensional space of regression based EEG visualization.


  1. V. Mikheev, R. Skukies, and B. Ehinger, “The Art of Brainwaves: A Survey on Event-Related Potential Visualization Practices,” Aperture Neuro, vol. 4, Apr. 2024, doi: 10.52294/001c.116386.
  2. F. Chiossi et al., “Adapting visualizations and interfaces to the user,” it - Information Technology, vol. 64, no. 4–5, Art. no. 4–5, 2022, doi: 10.1515/itit-2022-0035.

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