About the Graduate School

The graduate school provides high-quality doctoral training and supports the doctoral researchers of the SFB-TRR 161 in their academic career. While the main goal is to support them during their doctorate, their long-term academic career can also benefit from some of the project elements, e.g. by providing opportunities for international collaboration and networking.

In cooperation with the established doctoral training programs at the participating universities, the graduate school provides courses and lectures to support the members of the SFB-TRR 161 in their research and foster interdisciplinary skills and key qualifications.

To support internal cooperation and improve the organizational skills of the doctoral researchers, the graduate school motivates and supports them in organizing yearly retreats and workshops.

To integrate the doctoral researchers into the academic community at an early stage and support international cooperation, we offer research stays abroad for several months.

Furthermore, the graduate school provides short-term fellowships to invite doctoral researchers from international research partners to stay for several months and work with the researchers of the SFB-TRR 161.

Manager Graduate School

University of Stuttgart
for the Lecture Series please contact Christoph Schulz +49 711 685 88619


Doctoral Speakers

Dimitar Garkov, University of Konstanz, INFEmail | Website
Cedric Beschle, University of Stuttgart, B07Email | Website

Members of the Graduate School

Michael Aichem, University of Konstanz, D04 Email | Website
Cedric Beschle, University of Stuttgart, B07Email | Website
Valentin Bruder, University of Stuttgart, A02Email | Website
Francesco Chiossi, LMU Munich, C06Email | Website 
René Cutura, University of Stuttgart, A08Email | Website
Florian Frieß, University of Stuttgart, INFEmail | Website
Dimitar Garkov, University of Konstanz, INFEmail | Website
Jochen Görtler, University of Konstanz, A01Email | Website
Matthias Kraus, University of Konstanz, A03Email | Website
Lukas Mehl, University of Stuttgart, B04Email | Website
Nils Rodrigues, University of Stuttgart, B01Email | Website
Peter Schäfer, University of Konstanz, B06Email | Website
Christoph Schulz, University of Stuttgart, A01Email | Website
Yao Wang, University of Stuttgart, A07Email | Website
Oliver Wiedemann, University of Konstanz, A05Email | Website
Johannes Zagermann, University of Konstanz, C01Email | Website