Completed Projects

A02 - completed projects

A02 | Quantifying Visual Computing Systems

A04 | Quantitative Models for Visual Abstraction

A04 | Quantitative Models for Visual Abstraction

A05 - completed projects

A05 | Visual Quality Assessment

Computational Photography

A06 | Computational Photography

Cohesion Adapted Layout for Network Visualization

B02 | Adaptive Network Visualization

B05 - completed projects

B05 | Efficient Large Scale Variational 3D Reconstruction

B07 - completed projects

B07 | Computational Uncertainty Quantification

C02 completed

C02 | Physiologically Based Interaction

C02 Flightsimulator Completed

C03 | Immersive Virtual Environments


C04 | Mobile Visualization and Interaction Techniques

New image

D01 | Modeling of 3D Virtual Cities

New image

D03 |Visual Exploration and Analysis of Provenance Datas