C01 | Quantifying Interaction

Prof. Harald Reiterer, Universität Konstanz
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Harald Reiterer

Prof. Albrecht Schmidt, LMU
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Albrecht Schmidt

Dr. Ulrike Pfeil, Universität Konstanz – Website | Email

Dr. Simon Butscher, Universität Konstanz – Website | Email

Dr. Jens Müller, Universität Konstanz – Website | Email

Johannes Zagermann, Universität Konstanz – Website | Email

The main goal of this project is the definition and validation of new quantitative measurements to evaluate the interaction with visual computing systems. This includes the development of new quantitative models, metrics, and tasks to unify usability test settings as well as the integration of the theoretical and methodological findings into a framework to evaluate interaction. To this end, we will collect and develop a set of tools to ease planning, conduction, analysis, and comparison of replicable quantitative experiments in visual computing systems.

Research Questions

What kind of atomic and compound tasks, models, and metrics are suitable for evaluating the interaction with visual computing systems?

How can we find a good trade-off between their predictive power for specialized application tasks and their general applicability (e.g. their relation to atomic tasks and metrics)?

What kind of heuristics would be appropriate to tightly couple the compound tasks and metrics with specific characteristics of interaction devices and techniques?

What are appropriate software architectures for an evaluation environment?

What tools are necessary to support the integration for tasks and metrics designed within the project?

What tools support the ad-hoc evaluation as well as the integration of heuristics in (semi-) automated evaluations?

Interacting with physical tokens.

Model of the theoretical evaluation framework and Toolbox.


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