May 22, 2023; Christina Warren

The Transregional Collaborative Research Center (SFB-TRR) 161 "Quantitative Methods for Visual Computing" will be funded by the German Research Foundation for another four years with about 8 million Euros. After eight years of successful work, the research project is thus entering its third and final funding period. Within the SFB-TRR 161, researchers from the fields of computer science, psychology, and linguistics pursue the goal of facilitating the handling of constantly growing amounts of data by developing and evaluating methods for processing and displaying visual information. The joint project is led by Prof. Daniel Weiskopf (spokesperson) from the University of Stuttgart and Prof. Falk Schreiber (vice spokesperson) from the University of Konstanz. The Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich and the University of Ulm are also involved in the research activities.

In the third funding period, the SFB-TRR 161 will continue to focus on improving and establishing the methods and approaches developed to date and integrating them into applications. Building on the findings from the first two funding periods and current developments within the research landscape, new research questions will be added to the already existing ones. For instance, mixed reality applications will be a focus of research in the third funding period. The researchers will also look more closely at the question of how well users understand the visually presented phenomena. Since the third funding period will also be the last, the results, methods, and data sets from twelve years of funding will be made available to stakeholders from science, industry, education, and society in freely accessible applications.



Full press release of the SFB-TRR 161

Press release of the University of Stuttgart

Press release of the University of Konstanz


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