October 18, 2022; Christina Warren

Congratulations to Michael Sedlmair, Professor of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality at the Visualization Institute of the University of Stuttgart (VISUS) and project leader of SFB-TRR 161 project A08, and his co-authors Prof. Miriah Meyer (Linköping University, Sweden) and Prof. Tamara Munzner (University of British Columbia, USA). They will receive this year's IEEE VIS Conference 2022 Ten Year Test of Time Award for their joint publication "Design Study Methodology: Reflections from the Trenches and the Stacks" (IEEE InfoVis 2012).


About "Design Study Methodology.

In 2012, Michael Sedlmair, Miriah Meyer and Tamara Munzner dedicated themselves to question of how interdisciplinary design studies ought to be implemented from a methodological point of view. Based on their combined experience from 21 design studies, they developed a practical guide for conducting problem-oriented design studies and defined a list of 32 "pittfalls" that frequently occur in design studies. "In my PhD, I did a number of design studies and a lot of things really went wrong there as well," Michael Sedlmair reflects. "My doctoral advisor therefore always said I should write a paper after my dissertation that I myself would have liked to have had access to before my dissertation. The Design Study Methodology paper is exactly that paper, and I hope that our work will save many subsequent PhD students from falling into the same traps we had to struggle with."

For their joint publication, Michael Sedlmair, Miriah Meyer and Tamara Munz already received the Best Paper Honorable Mention Award in the year of publication (2012).


About the Test of Time Award

The IEEE VIS Test of Time Award will be presented during the VIS Conference, which will be held this year in Oklahoma City, USA, October 16-21, 2022. The award recognizes publications that have been published at previous conferences, but whose content is still highly relevant and which have had a major impact and influence within and beyond the visualization community.

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