May 6, 2020; Leon Kokkoliadis

AMiner 2020 Award certificate

The SFB-TRR 161 project leaders  Thomas Ertl, Daniel Keim, Michael Sedlmair, Albrecht Schmidt, and Daniel Weiskopf have received the AMiner AI 2000 Most Influential Scholar Award 2020.

Annually, the world's top-cited and therefore most influential scholars within their subfield of artificial intelligence research over the past ten years are awarded by AMiner. The top 10 scholars are named as AI 2000 Most Influential Scholars and the top 11–100 are awarded as AI 2000 Most Influential Scholars Honorable Mention.

Our members received awards in the subfield categories Visualization and Human Computer Interaction.



AI 2000 Most Influential Scholar (Top 10): Daniel Keim

AI 2000 Most Influential Scholars Honorable Mention Award (Top 30): Daniel Weiskopf, Michael Sedlmair, and Thomas Ertl




AI 2000 Most Influential Scholars Honorable Mention Award (Top 100): Albrecht Schmidt



About AMiner:

AMiner is an academic search system, which indexes more than 133 million expert profiles and 270 million publications. The annual lists of awardees are automatically generated and determined by computer algorithms deployed in the AMiner system that tracks and ranks scholars based on citation counts collected by top-venue publications. More


Related SFB-TRR 161 Research Projects:

Thomas Ertl A02 | Quantifying Visual Computing Systems

Daniel Keim A03 | Visual Analytics Transformations and Mappings

Michael Sedlmair A08 | Learning-Based Research Methodology

Albrecht Schmidt C06 | User-Adaptive Mixed Reality

Daniel Weiskopf A01 | Uncertainty Quantification and Analysis & B01 | Adaptive Self-Consistent Visualization


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