Application of evolutionary computation in image generation
Event date:  November 25, 2019, 4:00 PM  to 5:00 PM


Evolutionary computation is basically zero-th order optimization; in many cases, it is based on comparisons only. This makes this paradigm convenient when something non-numerical or at least non-differentiable, such as human preferences, is in the loop. Computer vision is a typically AI field in which non-differentiability rules and humans are the right evaluation process. It makes therefore sense to apply evolutionary computation to image generation.



Olivier Teytaud is research scientist at Facebook AI Research in Paris. He has been working in power systems, arithmetics, games, control, optimization, computer vision. He currently contributes to Nevergrad ( ), a platform for derivative-free optimization, and Polygames (to be open sourced soon), which recently won the first game against a top level player in the game of Hex. He currently combines evolutionary optimization and deep learning, including applications in computer vision.



University of Konstanz, Powerwall Room, C202

The talk will be transmitted to Stuttgart, VISUS, Powerwall Room