Designing and Evaluating Immersive Data Visualisations
Event date:  May 25, 2020, 4:00 PM  to 5:30 PM

Unfortunately, as a precaution as a result of the corona pandemic, we have to cancel Maxime Cordeil's Talk at the University of Konstanz.

Thank you for your comprehension.


As data increases in size and complexity, our need to analyse, understand and make informed decisions with it is constantly growing. Today, we visualise complex data (e.g. large multidimensional datasets, dense graph data) mostly on flat screens and with limited ways to interactively explore the data.
But a promising new way to explore and make sense of this data is with Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR). AR and VR offer sensory-rich environments with bigger fields of display and more natural interactions.
Imagine being able to view data, not on a screen in front of you, but in a room surrounding you. In this room, you could view and interact with many visualisations of a multidimensional dataset, select data points with your fingers and share insights with a colleague on another continent, as if they were in the room with you.
Immersive Analytics is a recent research thrust (started at Monash in 2015) which aims to design and evaluate ways for users to better understand data and improve collaboration for decision-making in immersive environments.
However, a number of questions arise regarding Immersive Analytics. How do we design immersive visualisation tools and evaluate them? How can we collaborate efficiently remotely and locally in those environments? And how can we perform essential tasks like selecting and querying the data in these environments?
In this talk, I will present my work that seeks to answer these questions and the systems, devices and libraries I have built to explore and support this research.



Dr Maxime Cordeil is an Assistant Professor (Lecturer) at the IALab (Immersive Analytics Lab) at Monash University, Faculty of Information Technology.
He holds a PhD in Computer Science (Human-Computer Interaction and Information Visualisation) from the Higher French Institute of Aeronautics and Space (ISAE) and the University of Toulouse, France.
Maxime studied and developed new interactive visualisation techniques and interfaces to explore very large databases of multivariate trajectories for Air Traffic Control analysts both during his PhD and later as a research engineer for the French Civil Aviation research and development sector.
He joined Monash FIT in February 2015 as a Research Fellow and began research in Immersive Analytics. During his postdoc, Maxime collaborated with various international institutions including the French Civil Aviation School, the Harvard Visual Computing Group, the University of Maryland and Microsoft Research. Maxime has contributed open source software for data visualisation in VR/AR, carried out multiple studies, and designed and developed patented hardware prototype devices for immersive, tangible interaction.





University of Konstanz, Powerwall Room C202

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