Transparency and Openness Promotion Guidelines in HCI
Event date:  April 25, 2018 4:00 PM  to 5:20 PM

Special Interest Group at CHI 2018, Montreal, Canada

This special interest group addresses the status quo of HCI research with regards to research practices of transparence and openness. Specifically, it discusses whether current practices are in line with the standards applied to other fields (e.g., psychology, economics, medicine). It seeks to identify current practices that are more progressive and worth communicating to other disciplines, while evaluating whether practices in other disciplines are likely to apply to HCI research constructively. Potential outcomes include: (1) a review of current HCI research policies, (2) a report on recommended practices, and (3) a replication project of key findings in HCI research.



Lewis Chuang & Ulrike Pfeil

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