Visualizations + Interactions + Workflows = Data Science for Everyone – An Introduction to Orange
Event date:  October 19, 2018, 9:00 AM  to 11:30 AM

We announce the following doctoral workshop as part of the SFB/Transregio 161:

Title:          Visualizations + Interactions + Workflows = Data Science for Everyone
                  - An Introduction to Orange -

Time:         Friday, 19 October 2018,  9 - 11.30h

Room:       University of Konstanz, Room C425

The workshop is free of charge for TRR members. In the afternoon an additional workshop of the BDVA can also be attended free of charge.

Please register simply via email to .

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Useful data is all around us, and capturing vast amounts of data is easier than ever. Skilled data scientists are less ubiquitous than data. Data science has become increasingly challenging, and to master it, one needs a deep understanding of math, statistics and computer science. This complexity drives away many potential data explorers and consumers, leaving the joy of data-based discovery to a few enlightened gurus. In this workshop, we will argue that -- after a few hours of training -- virtually anyone can do data exploration and machine learning. Besides curiosity and a good mentor, though, an essential part of such endeavor is the right tool. We will claim that interactive visualizations, visual programming for construction of workflows, and linking-and-brushing type of interactivity can empower anyone curious about their data. The workshop will start with cases from image analytics, geo data mining, and molecular biology. We will show how we can employ a small number of components -- the Lego bricks of explorative data analysis -- to construct powerful workflows to solve them all. We will go through cases of clustering, data projection, and supervised learning. And at the end, we will dive deeper and, for computer savvy, show how to build these components in Python. The workshop will use Orange, a data mining framework, and participants are welcome to download and install it from to follow along.

Blaž Zupan is a Professor of Computer Science at University of Ljubljana, where he heads the bioinformatics lab. His research revolves around techniques for data fusion and data visualization. His lab developed Orange (, an evolving data mining suite with a visual programming environment. He also enjoys writing the scripts for YouTube videos that explain Orange and data science, and preparing courses that introduce data science to diverse audiences in biomedicine, pharmaceuticals, the humanities and commerce.