C04 | Metrics for Mobile Visualization and Interaction Techniques through “Research in the Large”

Prof. Niels Henze, Universität Stuttgart
Email | Website

Niels Henze

Prof. Harald Reiterer, Universität Konstanz
Email | Website

Harald Reiterer

Valentin Schwind, Universität Stuttgart – Website, Email

Huy Viet Le, Universität Suttgart – Website, Email

Models and metrics of visualization and interaction techniques can predict the time a person needs to understand presented information and to execute a task. Previous work mainly focused on basic models. What is missing are models and metrics for realistic use cases and novel interactive systems. We will upscale the quantitative investigations of visualization and interaction techniques to evaluate multiple factors at the same time. Using a research in the large approach, in which the apparatus is distributed to thousands participants through mobile applications stores, we will quantify the effect of different degrees of freedom for interactive visualizations and derive models that enable to predict users' performance.

Research Questions

What are the models behind human behavior in mobile hand interaction?

How does the virtual hand appearance influence interaction?

How can we quantify multi-factorial models of visualization and interaction using huge data sets through research in large?


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