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Upcoming Event

Jul 28th, 2022, 10 am - 4 pm    POSTPONED TO A NEW DATE IN WS 2022/23

K7, University of Konstanz

WS Leading Successfully Despite Bias

Held by:

Dr. Sebastian Tillmann, Coordinator for Diversity in Science, University of Konstanz
and Marie-Claire Kabengele, Research Associate, University of Konstanz

Abstract:Project leaders are in a powerful position to influence both working groups and organizations. They are also faced with several challenges: To deal with the influence of interpersonal power on decision making, the influence of informational and cognitive biases as well as the lack or the overabundance of information, just to name three. In this training participants will:
-    Gain an overview of how human rationality and decision making is influenced by certain biases and learn approaches to minimize this influence.
-    Learn about the influence of interpersonal power on decision making and perception as well as problems of collective decision making.
-    Discuss “typical” gender and diversity challenges and exchange experiences with outer participating leaders as well as design first steps to address these challenges.

Dr. Sebastian Tillman is diversity coordinator at the University of Konstanz with a background in social psychology and organizational behaviour with focuses on leadership, team cognitive processes and diversity.
Marie-Claire Kabengele is research associate and PhD candidate at the Department of Psychology at the University of Konstanz and focuses on risk behaviour, social-psychological interventions and research on female leadership.

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