The SFB-TRR 161 organizes various events to promote research activities and to inform about current developments in research and education in the field of Visual Computing, both at a national and an international level.

Upcoming Events

Jun 25th, 2022 1 pm - 7 pm
University of Stuttgart, Visualization Research Center (VISUS), Allmandring 19

Participation in 'Tag der Wissenschaft' - 'Science Day'

The University of Stuttgart's Science Day takes place on June 25, 2022. Together with the SFB 1313 "Interface-Driven Multi-Field Processes in Porous Media – Flow, Transport and Deformation" and the Visualization Research Center (VISUS), the SFB-TRR 161 will give insights into the world of visualization research. Visitors are invited to discover how visualizations can help to extract the relevant information from data and how they make visible what would otherwise remain hidden.

Have a closer look at the program here.

Jun 28th, 2022
University of Stuttgart

WS 'Out with it!' - Training for voice, speech, body language for female scientists

Held by:

Katharina Padleschat, Coach for voice, speech and body language

Every day, female scientists are in dialog with professional audiences, students, staff and colleagues. They present at walk-throughs, lectures and congresses, communicate in  meetings, and conduct challenging conversations. You convey your message to your counterpart with your „performance“ - your voice, body language and appearance - i.e. your voice, body language and charisma - not only content, but also your personality.

It is not only important WHAT, - but crucially important HOW you say something!

The workshop combines theoretical input and exercises focusing on the voice as an instrument and breathing technique for speaking. Among others the workshops addresses
the following questions:
- How do you control the sound of your voice / your voice effect?
- How do you articulate your content clearly and distinctly?
- How do you speak in an exciting, interesting and credible way?
- How do you present/dialogue convincingly, present and charismatically?
- Which mistakes - that disturb your charisma - do you make unconsciously?
- How do you use your body language and voice consciously and professionally, without to appear artificial?

As a follow-up every participant may book an individual coaching session (online) with Katharina Padleschat.

Katharina Padleschat studied acting, singing and dancing, taught for many years and “moved the actors across the stage” as a choreographer in theatres, so she intensively dealt with the topic of body language and effect. In addition, she often worked in recording studios as a speaker. She learned from excellent teachers what it means to deal professionally with the voice, speaking and breathing, e.g. from K. Buchali, S. Haeberlein, T. Strauch, U. Schürmann, lecturers from Roy Hart - Human Voice, D. Prawzik and last but not least with her father, Wolf Martienzen. In addition, she dealt with various speech training methods as well as breathing and singing techniques. From this she has developed her own methodology over the years.
In individual coaching or in seminars, she trains people from a wide variety of industries, including management, science, journalism, education, show business, management consulting, sales and healthcare.

Jun 30st - July 1st, 2022, full day

Villa Prym, Konsztanz

Doctoral Retreat

Further information will be provided via emai to all participants.

Jul 18th, 2022, full day

WS Leading Successfully Despite Bias

Held by:

Dr. Sebastian Tillmann, Coordinator for Diversity in Science, University of Konstanz

Further information will be provided soon.

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