Image quality research at the Colourlab - image difference metrics, evaluation and subjective assessment
Event date:  October 24, 2018 4:00 PM  to 6:00 PM

Many image quality and image difference metrics have been proposed over the last decades. An important factor when evaluating
the image quality or image difference is the viewing distance. In this talk we present an image difference metric based on the simulation of detail visibility and total variation. The simulation of detail visibility takes into account the  viewing conditions and the viewing distance, and calculation of the image difference is done by total variation.

Further, we also present the results of an extensive evaluation of 60 state-of-the-art image quality metrics, including well-known metrics, such as SSIM, multiscale SSIM, VIF, MSE, S-DEE, CID, MAD, S-CIELAB, SHAME, VSNR, and PSNR. Evaluation is performed on the on the Colourlab Image Database: Image Quality (CID:IQ), a database consisting of 690 images where the subjective data has been collected at two different viewing distances. The performance of the image quality metrics is assessed in terms of correlation to subjective data.

At least, we will also touch upon aspects that influence subjective quality assessment; including high level visual masking and short term memory.


Marius Pedersen is professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. His work is centered on image quality assessment; he has more than 60 publications in this field. He received his PhD in color imaging (2011) from the University of Oslo. He is currently the head of the computer science group in Gjøvik in the department of computer science, as well as the head of the Norwegian Colour and Visual Computing Laboratory, both at NTNU.





University of Konstanz, Powerwall Room C202

Unfortunately, the talk will not be transmitted to Stuttgart and Tübingen.