Architectural 3D Reconstruction of Indoor Environments
Event date:  February 1, 2016 4:30 PM  to 5:30 PM

Talk Abstract

Imaging sensor technologies are capable of generating massive amounts of spatio-temporal 3D point and image data, which facilitate the capturing of highly detailed of vast environments. Driven by the development in digital 3D imaging and scanning technology, the efficient capturing, processing and reconstruction of 3D objects and entire architectural structures have become critical tasks in the context of  computer aided architectural design and planning, virtual building construction and maintenance, as well as industrial engineering. Despite previous work on urban capturing and modeling, complete solutions have not yet been achieved to address the accurate structural reconstruction of 3D interiors. Proposed prior solutions suffer from limiting assumptions on the geometry, missing data, partially occluded objects, or large structural artifacts. In this research project we develop new  methods and models for the effective geometric and semantic structural reconstruction of 3D interior environments from massive scanned 3D point cloud data. In this talk we will review our solutions to handle large structural artifacts based on robust local geometric planar patch analysis, and the detection of the major wall structures to label the architectural components of the scene.

Speaker’s Bio

Professor of Computer Science, University of Zürich
Computer graphics, scientific visualization, parallel rendering, multiresolution modeling, computational geometry

Event location:  Universität Stuttgart
Powerwall Room
Allmandring 19
70569  Stuttgart

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